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Classic Ride is an online store specialized in the sale of motorcycle equipment : helmets, jackets, gloves, trousers, shoes ; especially for vintage and biker styles. To develop its activity on the internet, Classic Ride has chosen Thelia, since the opening of the store in 2010.

Thanks to Thelia, Classic Ride was able to offer a practical and user-friendly interface to its visitors. Constantly evolving since its beginnings, Classic Ride has switched to Thélia 2 to make the site fully responsive design while achieving first-rate performance on any type of support. The user experience has always been one of the priorities of Classic Ride and Thelia has met this expectation by offering many opportunities, worthy of the best e-commerce sites.

Today, Classic Ride is a leader in vintage motorcycle helmets, whether jet or full face, with a very wide offer ranging from entry-level to very high-end. The best brands of ECE approved vintage helmets are on sale on Classic Ride : Bell Helmets, Premier, Nexx, Biltwell... Vintage motorcycle helmets are inspired by the first motorcycle helmets while offering modern safety and comfort. These helmets are popular with bikers in cafe racer, scrambler, motorcycle custom, who want to ride differently, giving particular importance to their style, which should not be conventional.

The purists of the retro look will accompany their helmet with a pair of motorcycle goggles. Classic Ride offers the largest selection of vintage motorcycle eyewear on the internet, with many models present exclusively on this site. The biggest brands of CE approved goggles are offered to bikers : Aviator Goggle, Baruffaldi, Climax, 100% Barstow, Bobbster ...

To complete its equipment, the biker can order on Classic Ride a vintage motorcycle jacket well looked and protective in case of fall. Motorcycle jackets on sale on Classic Ride are made of genuine leather or technical fabrics resistant to abrasion. CE approved protective shells will enhance safety in sensitive areas: elbows, shoulders, and back. The vintage motorcycle jackets Helstons, Segura or Ixon brands on sale on Classic Ride will meet the expectations of the most demanding bikers.

 Many accessories will allow the rider to assert his passion for beautiful mechanics, whether on motorcycle or in everyday life. These are the case of Rusty Pistons biker clothing offered exclusively on Classic Ride. They will seduce lovers of custom motorcycle style who wish to stand out with original and quality clothing.

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