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Sabatier K by Sabatier de Bellevue. This cutlery from Thiers – France -  produces 100% forged knives: kitchen knives, table knife or automatically forged in one piece, cutlery that is manufactured in Thiers over 200 years.


The Sabatier Knife is an institution among chefs around the world. Sabatier K has always been manage by the same family for 8 generations. Their trademark is Sabatier K, not to be confused with other Sabatier brands that do not offer the same products, the same quality and French manufacturing.

The K Sabatier knife is sold online in France and abroad by a real cutlery in Thiers - French capital of cutlery.

By buying a K Sabatier knife, you will have a real chef's kitchen knife from Thiers know-how, a real knife from the SABATIER family, a K Sabatier knife made by craftsmen passionate about their craft and their products. This is why it is important to buy a K Sabatier knife manufactured by THE Sabatier Family from Bellevue because this family, this house, this factory perpetuates the know-how of the region and cares about the quality of knives, kitchen knives that it offers to its customers, lovers of gastronomy around the world. K Sabatier kitchen knives are entirely forged from a single piece of metal according to French tradition.

K Sabatier has the EPV - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label. It’s a guarantee for these customers to have French products made according to art and manner.

On their website, Sabatier Knives also offers pocket and table knives which are made in France like Le Thiers by Chambriard, Laguiole Chazeau Honoré, the Frenchman of Perceval.


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